Il Rimessello
The RIMESELLO has been conceived because of the need to preserve your engine.

In the dock or at sea, the engine is constantly assaulted by vegetation and galvanic currents. When the foot of the motor is left to dry above the sea surface, salt crystallization and corrosion damage the cooling circuit. What to do? The RIMESSELLO has already solved this problem for years.

Technical characteristics of the patent that make Rimessello a unique product
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Why use it
Why has the RIMESSELLO been so successful?

Because it protects the foot motor from galvanic currents, vegetation and salt corrosion

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How to Mount
The RIMESSELLO allows you, with a few simple steps, to protect the foot of your motor, or to store the engine directly in the water.

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The online RIMESSELLO sale has begun.

Discounts group rates for: Club del gommone, Ports, Private Clubs, Navy Leagues etc.

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