Why use it
The foot engine is constantly assaulted by vegetation and galvanic currents. Even if allowed to dry above the sea surface drying and subsequent salt crystallization cause corrosion and other problematics.

The RIMESSELLO can also be used to keep the foot of the motor in water, however not in contact with the water. It is however advisable to first rinse the engine with fresh water and dry the foot of the engine prior to using the RIMESSELLO.
The RIMESSELLO can be left filled with sea water or fresh water. The absence of light cancels the process of photosynthesis and the formation of vegetation, while the PVC protects from galvanic currents. The foot of your motor will be appropriately protected and remain as good as new.
With the RIMESSELLO you can cool the circuit of the engine with fresh water, avoiding the process of corrosion due to salt crystallization. This revolutionary type of storage will be crucial to the longevity of your engine.

The Rimessello does require maintenance. Simply wiping off with an abrasive pad is sufficient for cleansing and subsequent stoage. Do note that if left to dry in the sun, it may be harder to clean-off.
How to Mount
The RIMESSELLO allows you, with a few simple steps, to protect the foot of your motor, or to store the engine directly in the water.

See how it mounts

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