How to mount
A few simple steps to make the storage of your engine directly in the water.

1. Fit
Insert the elastic bands in the corresponding loop and tie a simple knot at the end. Raise the engine and slip the Rimessello around your engine - positioning the heat - sealing vertically toward the transom of the boat. Then fit the elstic bands on the calandra of the motor. This will keep the RIMESSELLO in position even when filled with water.

2. Rinse
Fill the RIMESSELLO with freshwater and start the engine, make sure there is a steady flow of fresh water in the Rimessello, so to avoid that the motor is left without water. Within minutes the cooling circuit of the engine will be completely cleaned from salt.
(The Rimessello is extremely resistant, however you should never engage the gear while mounted.)

3. Slip-off
When you want to remove the Rimessello, just loosen the elastic bands and lift the motor, the weight of the fresh water in the RIMESSELLO will make the RIMESSELLO slip-off on its own. If you want you can leave the mounted Rimessello full of water until the next usage. The Rimessello is also designed to withstand friction caused by the strong currents.
Why use it
Why has the RIMESSELLO been so successful?

Because it protects the foot motor from galvanic currents, vegetation and salt corrosion

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